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A mother's revenge over the death of her only son unveils a secret that puts an unborn child's life in jeopardy.

Grace, granddaughter to this matriach is the first-born female of generations of first-born women in the St.John clan. This birthright makes them unique in ways others fear. Grace can see the dead.

Grace discovers the cost of this legacy as her grandmother lay dying. Her mission becomes saving the life of her own grandchild, yet to be born. But dos she meets fate in her quest to save him?

Written biographically, Blood of Their Sons takes us on a metaphysical journey that examines the consequences of denying our unique innate gifts and the spirit meant to guide us. Even when we accept them, there is a price we pay.



Malice Able, a forensic specialist with a special department of the government, is at emotional and professional crossroads. His work demands secrecy that has kept him from relationships of any kind – a decision that demands reconciliation. But he’s discovered a secret kept even from him.

While deciding what to do, Malice is asked to identify bodies that washed up in one of the worst hurricanes in decades. He discovers one of those bodies is a pregnant white woman secretly buried in a black cemetery over thirty years before.

Her murder becomes the intersection for a ritual killer who thinks himself sent by God; the death of a local bisexual who knew her identity; the unraveling of the man who killed an unborn child, and the downfall of the accomplice who unknowingly put her in the grave. If that’s not enough, the estranged family Able protected with his own lies is in the killer’s path. 

The Scent of Gardenia begins as a tale of secrets, mystery and murder. It evolves as a story of belonging, sacrifice and love. Throughout, it is a search for truth.


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